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What is Loceight?

It's FREE: LocEight is a Geo-centric database that's free to search and free to join. All LocEight's records are displayed on Google Satellite Maps with 'click pins' identifying the record's features and Info windows displaying text information. Unlike other GPS-based web sites LocEight is generic as it relates to the source of your GPS data. One Record could be a visit to Grandma's, another an interesting Geocache (or a day of Geocaching), the next a business trip, another a vacation, and yet another an off-road adventure. You can create Geo-records relating to your business and post the links on any web site.
To Search: All you need to do is enter a search term or leave it blank to bring up all records.
To Join: Simply click on the link and sign up and create a password. We need to know who you are to protect and identify your data and where to contact you should we find opportunities for your data. The records you create can be selectively anonymous at your discretion. You can delete a record with a single click and your data is removed from the LocEight server. Other than the basic LocEight search function, no one can have access to your data without your permission.
To upload:

After you create an account the simplest Record you can make has 1 POI (or Waypoint), a few Keywords, and a brief (or not so brief) Description of the Record. It takes 5 minutes to sign up and five minutes to create a record. We offer a wide array of data upload formats.

NEW FEATURE: You can create a record without uploading GPS data. When you view the record on the Google Map you can then Zoom to where you want to work and add points and tracks by clicking on the map and then save them to your record. Once you make your first point the initial point that comes up in the middle of the US will disappear.

To Edit: The LocEight DATA Editor allows you to take your basic data overlaid on Satellite and/or Street maps and add Points and Tracks to enhance the record. There is no limit to the number of tracks and Points you can add however there is a limit on how many you can add at one time. You can also edit your basic data and upload again as much as you want.
Add Photos: You can add Photos or other .jpg/.gif./png files that will appear as links in the info window that pops up when a Pin is clicked on the map. In some of our records we have loaded the data set into Google Earth and set up a 3D view, then taken a screen shot of it. Then overlaid text that further describes the Record and upload it to the record.
Focus Point The default Info point when displayed on the google map is the first POI that loads. If there are no POIs and only a Track then its the first track point. The Focus Point is placed somewhere in the middle of the data set and becomes the anchor for the record description as first entered when you created this record and any photos that have been uploaded to the record.
GPX Output: You can generate a .GPX file for download. GPX is becoming one of the industry standards for the interchange of GPS-based information. The GPX file contains all of your basic data, as well as the additional Points and Tracks and links to any .jpg/.gif/.png that you upload and assuming you chose to distribute the record, should someone load one of your GPX records into an application that understands GPX the links will pull the data off the LocEight server. Your GPX record identifies you as the Author and Copyright owner of the data set. You have the option of making each Record's GPX download public or private.
Email Records: You can E-Mail a link to any of your Records to whoever you wish, right from the map. You have the option of making the E-Mail function for each record public or private.
Play Tracks: You can play your tracks. Take our Flight Around Pismo Bay.
KML Output: Your data set can be output directly to Google Earth. (Google Earth has to be installed on your PC and have the ability to import data.) You have the option of making each Record's KML output public or private.
What Else:

When you load a Google Earth file into GE it 'flys' to that data and the default is to come in from directly above. LocEight allows you to progtam the angle and driection from which you 'fly to' the data when it loads into GE.

The LocEight Map Application has several other simpler functions such as changing the track color and removing and replacing the tracks and points from the display.