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........Publish Your GPS Data - Right Here - Right Now........

Using the LocEight Data Manager you can upload POI files and Track files directly from your GPS or Navigation unit through the USB port, or from the SD card reader in your computer, or from anywhere on your hard drive or network. (A minimum record contains a Project Name, Description, and either a POI file or a Track file.) In the illustration above a POI file is being loaded from a Magellan eXplorist 600. Added photos and text appear as shown on the screen shot to the right. This is a list of Data formats that can be uploaded. Other formats will be added as we see demand. The LocEight Data Manager compiles the information you upload and displays it on Google Earth Maps. Each POI on the map is 'clickable' and includes the origional identifier that you created when you collected the point (i.e., 'POI0100', 'Pole 4', etc.) as well as information you add by editing your POI files. The links in the screen shot above all open photos in a new browser. All links are located on the Orange INFO pin.