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Instant Membership to the LocEight Database.

The LocEight Database Search function is open to the Internet (just like Google or Yahoo Search) but in order to upload data, still maps, and photos you need to register. Registration is free and access is instantaneous, however registrations with incomplete information will be deleted. No one can access your account and database records but you. Unless you add a link (in the database record) to somewhere that identifies you the 'source' of the data record is anomonous. We do not distribute your personal information, your email address, or your data. You have full control of your records and can delete or modify them at any time. The only thing we require is that you only upload data that you own or have permission to.

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The data contained in the LocEight database is the exclusive property of its owners. LocEight assumes no responsibility for the ownership of uploaded data and passes all responsibility for ownership to members who upload. By registering to upload data each member agrees that they are the owner of the data or have secured the necessary rights to utilize the uploaded data in this manner.

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